Within this world of turmoil, we desire to find an oasis of escapism, joy, truth and entertainment. Balanceinc.co.uk, The Epicentre Of Creation, endeavours to provide the water to this oasis.

20 years, or is it 13.8 billion years, of crafting, shaping, trying what works and patently doesn't, has led to this unique time on planet earth. Balanceinc.co.uk brings to you a world of creativity, philosphy, multi-dimensionality and pure fun, to aid your everyday.

Join with us to explore a parody of what is occurring in our world as we observe it, and let us help you through it's evolution. Enjoy!


Within the current Balanceinc.co.uk Akashic Records are 3 movies, 17 Music Albums and Videos, numerous podcasts and books from self help to creativity to audiobooks.

We are now undertaking a mammoth goal! We are determined to bring our 4 written books, Dark Matter, The Greatest Debate, Black INC and EWODNH! to the silver screen. Mad, but this story must be told!

We are looking for sponsors to help us achieve this goal. Please contact us to discuss this incredible opportunity!

Phone - Martin or Adam00447793055353